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Autumnsong Autumnsong Ref: PM07
Track 7 on Painfully Mainstream. 9.07
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Song background and Tom's comments

The song is one quarter of a group of four of songs named after the four seasons, "Springsong", "Summersong", "Autumnsong", and "Wintersong".

The song is a nine-minute instumental and parts of the song feature the same chord sequence as "Wintersong", and a strong resemblance to "Electric Wave", an electronic song by Tom, that was originally written for a film adaptation of the experiment and book The Wave, that Tom and a frined were going to make, though the project was scrapped. The song is popular among fans of his electronic work though, and is available for free download on his website, here.

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Tom said when the video was posted "If you can, put on some headphones, turn this up loud, and let it run its course. The video itself was assembled from four days of footage, and is more an ambient accompaniment to the song more than anything else. Think of it as ten Levi Beamish videos in a row."

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