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Track 6 on Painfully Mainstream. 2:50
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Recorded in Tom's bedroom while rehearsing with Alex Day (Nerimon) and Edd Plant for the Chartjackers launch gig 4 November 2009.

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What if birds fell in love like we do,
The skys would be empty,
Made of invisible wings.
And what if fish found they had emotions,
Suddenly our oceans
Would become blinded by things.

There's something to be said,
For getting into bed,
Covering your head,
And waiting for whatever comes your way,
And in the end when you've lost all your friends,
They're never coming back.

La, la, la…

Oh, and if I could tell you I loved you,
Would you promise to try to
Feel the same way.
I know I'm not the only fish in the sea,
But if it were just you an me,
We'd take control of the sky.

La, la, la


Online Catalogue | MUSIC - PAINFULLY MAINSTREAM |  Animals